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About us
We are a growing group consisting of ~600 private people, some of whom gather every Thursday at 11.00 on Riksbron, outside the Swedish Parliament. We do this to remind our Government and our Parliament about the insufficient and dangerous laws regarding mining and mineral that are still in use here in Sweden.

Since November 2020, the group’s activity on Thursdays has ceased for the time being. This is due to the pandemic that made our presence on the bridge more difficult. We hope to resume Thursday’s demonstrations when the situation allows.

We are not affiliated with any political party or religious belief and  originate from different places in Sweden and even from diverse continents.  But we all have a common goal in working for firm land, clean water and a living cultural inheritance and are strongly against any racism, sexism, colonialism and discrimination in all our local communities.

On this web site we will try to gather as many links, which relates to our agenda, as possible. Thus making it an easy reach portal for knowledge and information.

Petitions to sign and share:

Fast mark, rent vatten, levande kulturarv!